Q for Quality©

Effective teamwork based on the DISC method

Q for Quality

Would you like to know what your strengths are within your current job? How you communicate and behave, and in particular, how others perceive you? And would you like to exchange these insights with your colleagues so that you can complement and strengthen each other’s qualities? Play the game, listen to each other and discuss how you work together. Examine where your strengths lie and what each of you needs to work together more effectively as a team.


What is it?

‘Q for Quality©’ is a useful tool to make people’s behavior and communication styles both visible and discussable. The game is based on the DISC model, which offers insight into individuals’ and teams’ preferred behavior and communication styles.

Who is it for?

You can use it in your work as facilitator, supervisor, life coach or for your own benefit.
The game can be used for:

  • Assembling effective teams
  • Strengthening collaboration
  • Team development
  • Personal and leadership development
  • Practicing giving and receiving feedback

How does it work?

‘Q for Quality©’ consists of 48 playing cards, each marked with a behavioral characteristic in one of the four DISC colors. There are also 4 separate cards containing an explanation of each DISC behavior style, as well as an overview card. Finally, there are two cards explaining different game modes to get you started.

What are the benefits?

Depending on the goal towards which you play the game, it can offer you the following benefits:

  • Insight into each others’ preferred behavior style
  • Identifying areas where you can complement and strengthen each other
  • Open communication
  • Insight into your own qualities, those of your colleagues and of your team as a whole
  • Insight into your own pitfalls