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Deze Kennismakingsworkshop geven we op locatie en duurt 1 hour.

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    Do you recognize this?

    • You want to develop as a professional and you regularly ask yourself: What makes that I choose this way of acting?
    • You discover a pattern that keeps leading you into similar situations but can't pinpoint how it originates.
    • You want more impact or alternatives in your own functioning and are looking for the right mirrors.

    At Van Dongen & Co 'Intervision - Process, Methods and Facilitation' offers handles for your own process but you also learn in the role of participant and supervisor how to properly organize, guide, and enrich this learning process with others.

    What will you learn in the introductory workshop?

    • What is Intervision and what is it not?
    • When is Intervision helpful?
    • How do you give Intervision form?
    • What do you need from each other?
    • What does Intervision ask from a supervisor?

    In the introductory workshop you form an image of what Intervision is and can mean for you. There is room to ask questions and we alternate theory with practical examples. Practical, concrete and directly applicable.

    Group size

    For a meaningful interaction and enough room for questions, the group consists of at least 4 and maximum 8 people.

    Anouk Hupkes

    Your coach for this workshop

    Anouk Hupkes is, amongst others also, Trainer and Coach at Van Dongen & Co.
    Get to know your coach Anouk Hupkes by clicking on her name.

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