Project-based working with teams©

From idea to plan to successful implementation

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Deze Kennismakingsworkshop geven we op locatie en duurt 1.5 hours.

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    'Project-based working with teams©' is a way of working; it's about tackling activities in a structured way with the right focus and responsibilities. To achieve your results in less time and to manage the expectations with your environment well. And... you get a view on how to get people on board. Pragmatic, concrete, applicable and not with all the bells and whistles and jargon that you encounter in project training methods.

    Do you recognize this?

    • Would you like to tackle your extensive 'job' in a project-based way in order to really achieve your goals?
    • You have completed your project but implementation is not easy because there is no support and the people are not coming along.
    • Are your projects dragging on or do they have no end?

    Then the Van Dongen & Co approach 'Project-based working with teams©' is something for you!

    What will you learn in the introductory workshop?

    • What is important to make a project succeed;
    • How to organise and execute your project to create support;
    • How to get people on board;
    • How to allocate responsibilities within the project;
    • What you can do to get your project going and to come to a good conclusion.

    In the introductory workshop there is room to ask questions that you are currently facing. We alternate theory with practical examples. Practical, concrete and directly applicable.
    I will also introduce you to 'Van Dongen & Co's four-stroke learning'.
    A proven method for learning from each other, stimulating each other and making progress.

    Group size

    To ensure adequate time for interaction and questions, the group size is a maximum of 8.

    Mirjam Tirion

    Your coach for this workshop

    Mirjam Tirion - Coach and trainer at Van Dongen & Co and at GROEI|SNOEI|BLOEI®.
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